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Eric Hanson

Maya 5 Killer Tips: The Hottest Collection of Cool Tips and Hidden Secrets for Maya

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ISBN: 0-7357-1373-1
Издательство: New Riders
Страниц: 208
Nothin' But Tips! Looking for a quick way to accomplish a task? Whether you search online or in computer books, you're looking for tips! Why? Because when authors find an undocumented keyboard shortcut, an inside secret, or a really slick trick for doing something faster or better, they pull out that tip, box it, and label it in big letters. We're all drawn to little sidebar tips because we know that's where the really amazing, really fun, really useful stuff is found. There's only one problem. There's never enough of them. Problem Solved! Eric Hanson has created a book that's nothing but those amazing tips-cover to cover. He's assembled over 200 tips, showing you how to use Maya 5 more efficiently. He's cut to the chase in coverage of efficient modeling with NURBS and polygons, creating rich rendering results with shader networks, conveying professional camera techniques, using particle systems and dynamics, and more. Not...
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