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Food and the City (Architectural Design)

Обложка книги Food and the City (Architectural Design)

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ISBN: 0470093285, 9780470093283
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 128
Book Description Food and the City makes the relationships between food and the city visible by exploring both the ways in which buying and eating food have become such a significant part of urban public life, and the ways in which design supports and enhances the place of food in the city. It is timely because the proliferation of urban cafes, restaurants, and markets continues, but is not sufficiently recognized or analyzed. Food related topics are now of great interest in academic and design disciplines but the theme of this issue, food as it relates to the variety and vitality of urban life, has not been addressed. Food and the City , will develop ideas from the popular Food and Architecture (2002). Contents include: Raw, Medium, Well Done: A Typological Reading of Australian Cafes by Jane Lawrence & Rachel Hurst; Blurring Boundaries, Defining Place: The New Hybrid Space of Dining by Gail Satler; The New and the Rare: Gourmet Food in the Japanese...