Обложка книги Knowledge Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Knowledge Management in Hospitality and Tourism

ISBN: 0789021463;
Издательство: Haworth Hospitality Press

Book DescriptionWhen knowledge is properly managed, it's in the hands of those who need it BEFORE they need it. This greatly improves the speed of business operations by eliminating time-consuming information searching! This book will show you how to make any hospitality or tourism related business more efficient and competitive by using knowledge management concepts and techniques. It provides an essential introduction to the concept of knowledge management plus fascinating case studies, strategic advice, and structural recommendations for its implementation. You'll learn to use knowledge management to avoid the duplication of research, reducing the cost of product research and development and increasing the effectiveness of your overall operation.Helpful charts and figures make the information easy to access and understand. From the editors: "Although tourism and hospitality, with their geographically dispersed units, can profit from enhanced knowledge management, only a...