Обложка книги Leisure Travel: A Marketing Handbook

Leisure Travel: A Marketing Handbook

ISBN: 0130493171;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Book Description A marketing book for travel professionals, Leisure Travel focuses primarily on the psychology of travel?why people travel and why they don't, and how to reach and motivate them more effectively. This book emphasizes that to get a greater market share, the travel professional must understand the motivations, thoughts, and lifestyles of their important market segments; thereby ensuring that advertising and promotional dollars for their programs hit their intended targets. A sweeping perspective of the leisure travel industry, this book explains, through examples and real case scenarios, how to provide the best travel products targeted to the right audience, and with the best marketing messages. For managers and executives of marketing and directors of planning at travel supplier companies (airlines, hotel chains, individual hotels, rental car companies, and cruise lines); owners and managers of travel agencies and travel agency conglomerates; and...

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