Обложка книги best designed hotel pools (Best Designed)

best designed hotel pools (Best Designed)

ISBN: 3899860381; 978-3-89986-038-2;
Издательство: Birlhauser (Princeton Architectural Press)
Страниц: 168

Our author travelled the globe to assemble an impressive collection of creative hotel pool designs, which he has documented with fascinating photos and rich details. Special emphasis is given to the influence of the various cultures in Europe, American, Asia and Africa on the architectural styles. The reader is witness to an inspiring blend of austere shapes, soft lines, outstanding technological achievements, and playful, colourful, ethnic architectures. For anyone searching for wonderful planning ideas--even for private pools--this book provides a comprehensive orientation and numerious examples: from indoor pools in small spaces, to bathing ponds, from infinity pools, sporty Olympic-sized outdoor pools, to an aesthetic stone grotto.

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