Обложка книги Object-Oriented Programming in C++

Object-Oriented Programming in C++

ISBN: 0-672-32308-7;
Издательство: Sams Publishing
Страниц: 1040

Object-Oriental Programming in C++, Fourth Edition is the latest revision of a classic programming title that has introduced thousands of users to object-oriented programming in C++. This hook takes you from basic concepts to full-fledged object-oriented applications, using easy-to-follow examples, helpful illustrations, and numerous questions and exercises. Covering the most current features of the ANSI Standard C++, this guide teaches the syntax and features of C++, the ideas behind object-oriented programming, and how to apply these concepts to real-world programming problems. A proven success as a tutorial, Object-Oriented Programming In C++ has been widely used in academic settings and provides special help to instructors, including over 100 exercises that test all aspects of C++. No previous experience is necessary to use this book, although some familiarity with basic programming concepts may be helpful.