Обложка книги Vietnam Tourism

Vietnam Tourism

ISBN: 078902571X;
Издательство: Haworth Press

Book DescriptionExplore the travel/tourism possibilities of this exotic yet tourist-friendly country Vietnam Tourism presents a unique ethnographic-semiotic analysis of some of the most important touristic icons in Vietnamese culture. In addition, itoffers a firsthand analysis of many aspects of daily life in Vietnam and a semiotic analysis of Vietnam?s dominant cultural symbols. A twelve-page photo section brings vibrant images of this unique country to life. Vietnam Tourism also presents an essential overview of what Vietnam has to offer tourists, looking at the exciting possibilities?and the potential pitfalls?of visiting this extraordinary country. Although Vietnam is a Third World country, it has excellent tourism companies and many wonderful sites?from Halong Bay and Hue to extraordinary temples and beautiful beaches. The book paints a vivid portrait of this country?s hidden gems and popular tourist destinations, exploring the problems and...

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