Обложка книги PDF Reference: Version 1.4 (+ CD-ROM)

PDF Reference: Version 1.4 (+ CD-ROM)

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ISBN: 0-201-75839-3;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley
Страниц: 956

PDF Reference Version 1.4 is a thorough, updated reference for software developers looking to incorporate PDF capabilities into their applications. These could be PDF producer apps (those that "save to" PDF directly) or PDF consumer apps (those that read PDFs and allow users to modify their contents). The book includes all the material covered in the previous edition on version 1.3, as well as items new to 1.4. Those new features include a filter for decoding JBIG2-encoded data, enhancements to encryption and interactive forms, ability to import content from one PDF to another, additional viewer preferences and trigger events, and accessibility support for disabled users. The book includes a general description of PDF architecture and a comparison to the PostScript language, and explanations of the following: PDF syntax at the object, file, and document level; graphics operators; facilities for presenting text in the form of character shapes or "glyphs" defined by the font;...