Обложка книги The Policy Analysis of Child Labor: A Comparative Study

The Policy Analysis of Child Labor: A Comparative Study


ISBN: 0312221223;
Издательство: Palgrave MacMillan

The Policy Analysis of Child Labor examines the conditions which lead to child labor in Bolivia, Colombia, Cote d'Ivoire, and the Philippine and uses the findings to recommend a new policy approach toward its eradication. The researchers found that many children's days involve both work and schooling, so many of the current policy approaches, such as bans on child labor, are not optimal because they view child work and schooling as mutually exclusive alternatives. Instead, a gradual policy approach in two phases would be more effective. This policy would begin by increasing legal and social protection for working children and adding school time to child work routines, then would shift the work-school combination toward schooling only. Their policy also calls for joint provision of support to home enterprises and enrollment incentives--especially for girls. The Policy of Analysis of Child Labor is a meticulous study of a major human rights issue with...

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