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Jeannette Y. Wick

Supervision : A Pharmacy Perspective

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ISBN: 1582120137
Издательство: APhA Publications
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionAddresses the major personnel issues that supervisors in the pharmacy field face, and the skills needed to fulfill the supervisor's responsibilities. The book recommends and explains effective supervisory actions to handle or prevent problems, including tardiness, absenteeism and leave abuse, employees who go over the supervisor's head, employees who withhold information, inappropriate attire and hygiene, supervising former peers, and complaints and litigation involving customers and employees. Readers will learn skills such as staff scheduling; strong, verbal, nonverbal and written communication; good documentation practices; confidentiality; corrective action and discipline; motivation strategies; performance improvement plans; and conflict management. Numerous tables and boxes summarize major points for easy access.