Обложка книги Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management (6th Edition)

Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management (6th Edition)

ISBN: 0131484109;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Book Description Interdisciplinary and research-based in approach, this volume integrates psychological theory with tools and methods for dealing with human resource problems in organizations and for making organizations more effective and more satisfying as places to work. It reflects the state of the art in personnel psychology and the dramatic changes that have recently characterized the field, and outlines a forward-looking, progressive model toward which HR specialists should aim. The authors examine organizations, work, and applied psychology, the law and human resource management, the systems approach, criteria, performance management, measuring and interpreting individual differences, fairness in employment decisions, analyzing jobs and work, strategic workforce planning, recruitment and initial screening, managerial selection, training and development, considerations in design and international dimensions of applied psychology. For human resource professionals and others...

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