Обложка книги Excellence in Business

Excellence in Business

ISBN: 0131893793;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Book Description This best-selling book presents a balanced view of business?its strengths, weaknesses, challenges, successes, failures, and problems. The highly experienced authors have provided an up-to-date book, with real-life examples, careful in-depth coverage, and a lively conversational writing style that explains the opportunities and rewards of a business career. Topics include: conducting business in the global economy; starting and expanding a small business; managing a business; managing employees; developing marketing strategies to satisfy customers; managing accounting and financial resources; and special topics such as business law, taxes, and the U.S. legal system, risk management and insurance, and careers in business and the employment search. An excellent desk reference for anyone involved in business, especially managers and entrepreneurs in small business enterprises.

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