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Cynthia Burkhart

The Monkeys At The Top Of The Tree: How To Deal With The @$$&#!%$ Above You

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ISBN: 0975540750
Издательство: Book Publishers Network
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThe workplace can be a jungle, filled with powerful predators, secret rules and hidden perils. An age-old law keeps the big monkeys securely on top, while leaving the rest to fend for themselves on the tangled and treacherous jungle floor. The Monkeys at the Top of the Tree, a survival kit for the workplace jungle, is filled with insider information on how to survive and thrive in the workplace. The book is filled with sharp observations and hard-hitting information on how to protectyourself and ensure that you are armed with the proper tools to take control and navigate the workplace jungle with confidence, assuring that you can knock those top monkeys right off the trees!