Обложка книги Hotel Butlers : The Great Service Differentiators

Hotel Butlers : The Great Service Differentiators

ISBN: 159457443X;
Издательство: Words & Images

Book DescriptionAsk Not What The Butler Did, But What He Can Do For You We all know the cliche from the movies and board games about the butler doing it, but what was it the butler did? In the hotel environment, the butler can be a failed experiment or a service facility that commands high-rack rates and keeps occupancy rates at 100%. Where the butler fails in hotels, it is because he is cast in (frankly) degrading-to-the-profession roles such as “bath butler,” “fireplace butler, “technology butler,” “baby butler” (who provides rocking chairs and watches children), “dog butler,” “ski butler,” and “beach butler.” The idea being that anything offering superior service in some small area is called a “butler” in an effort to siphon some of the prestige of the profession. At least when the term valet was extended to “dumb valet,” that furniture item upon which one lays out...