Обложка книги CIO Wisdom: Best Practices from Silicon Valley

CIO Wisdom: Best Practices from Silicon Valley

ISBN: 0131411152; 5-9614-0233-9;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR
Страниц: 448

Foreword by Dean Lane The research for this book began more than 30 years ago and is based on the experience, learning and real-world practices of more than 18 people who currently are, or have been, in the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The combined knowledge, expertise and skills have been leveraged on individual chapters as well as groups of chapters to ensure practical information that can be easily understood. The concept or idea behind this written work began about a year ago, when I had cause to reflect on all of my experiences as a CIO (both good and bad). What were my successes, failures, frustrations and accomplishments? One of my revelations was that we (the IT industry) had not communicated clearly enough what it is that we do. Quite to the contrary, many lower level IT professionals cause greater frustration by promoting the thought that they are magicians who work on black boxes. To help bridge the chasm, I decided that a book, of CIOs, by CIOs and for CIOs...

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