Обложка книги SAS/AF Software Procedure Guide: Version 8

SAS/AF Software Procedure Guide: Version 8

ISBN: 1580255167;
Издательство: SAS Publishing

This detailed reference guide for SAS/AF software provides complete descriptions of all statements, options, windows, and commands that can be used with the BUILD procedure. Application developers will find the information they need to use the BUILD environment for building applications and the AF environment for running them. This title covers all entry types that can be built with SAS/AF software except for the FRAME entry and the components associated with it, which are documented separately. This title is designed for SAS/AF application programmers who have some knowledge of the SAS System. This title is available for purchase as a hardcopy or digital book, or in the SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM with PDF files. The HTML version of SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM is shipped free with Version 8. Supports releases 8.00 and higher of SAS software.