Обложка книги Culture of Responsibility and the Role of Ngos

Culture of Responsibility and the Role of Ngos

ISBN: 1885118147;
Издательство: Continuum International Publishing Group

Book DescriptionThere is a revolution taking place, a sweeping change that is impacting all parts of our society: human rights, education, politics, the environment, business, and even the war on terrorism. This revolution is the explosion in numbers, importance, and diversity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These not-for-profit entities have forged an effective middle ground between the governmental and corporate realms, and are now impacting policies, delivering services, guiding agendas and advancing initiatives that once were nearly exclusively the arena of the state and business. With this increased impact comes increased responsibility. One fundamental truth about good, just and healthy government and society is that they depend on aculture of responsibility. NGOs share with the governmental and corporate realms a social responsibility to address the extraordinary challenges of our time, whether they be wars, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, the...