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Jan Axelson

Serial Port Complete: Programming and Circuits for RS-232 and RS-485 Links and Networks (+ Diskette)

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ISBN: 0-9650819-2-3
Издательство: Lakeview Research
Страниц: 318
RS-232 and RS 485 are versatile, inexpensive interfaces for llnkir computers, yet their hardware and programming requirements are often misunderstood. RS-232 can link two computers or a computer and peripheral, while its sister interface, RS 485, allow longer, faster links and networks of three or more computers. In Serial Port Complete, Jan Axelson provides everything you need to design, program, install, and troubleshoot RS-232 and RS-485 links and networks: Link PCs and embedded controllers, in any combination. Select the interface, cable, and connectors that are right for your project. Learn the secrets for error-free transmitting on RS-485 networks. Use Visual Basic to access serial ports on PCs. Design links using the serial ports on the Basic Stamp and 8052-Basic microcontrollers. Develop projects quickly with circuit diagrams and program code for these applications: PC-to-PC link, PC-to-ernbedded-controller link, RS-485 network,...