Обложка книги Global Public Management : Cases and Comments

Global Public Management : Cases and Comments

ISBN: 0761927964;
Издательство: SAGE Publications

Book Description Global Public Management offers a collection of cases illustrating managerial problems and policy situations that managers could face anywhere in the world. These cases are then analyzed by universal scholars and practitioners of public management. The case comments focus on identifying the problem in the case and offering suggestions on how to handle the conflict. Taken together, the case and the three different assessments of the case offer a marvelous way for students of administration to gain vicarious experience in managing in a global environment. The cases describe situations that managers might face, and the comments offered by the experts clearly demonstrate that managerial problems are in the eye of the beholder and that there are the alternative strategies to solve the problem. Key Features: The cases are short, between 3 and 10 pages in length, and they address issues that a...