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Angelika Langer, Klaus Kreft

Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales: Advanced Programmer's Guide and Reference

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ISBN: 0201183951
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Aimed at the advanced C++ programmer, Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales explains the internals of how C++ streams work and provides support for internationalization. It explains the inner details of architecture and design of these important built-in C++ objects, and it's a reference to all relevant classes and methods. This book effectively reveals the inner workings of the entire stream class library in today's Standard C++ in two ways: First, it explains the design principles and internal function of these stream classes, whether for simple console or file I/O or for more advanced topics like memory streams. There's coverage of I/O basics (manipulators, stream flags, and other built-in features) for everyday programming with streams. The book also does an excellent job of delving into the nitty-gritty details of these classes (which most of us know only on the surface). Examples include a custom date class that will cooperate with existing stream libraries and create...