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Jason Osipa

Stop Staring. Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right (CD-ROM)

Обложка книги Stop Staring. Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right (CD-ROM)

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ISBN: 0782141293, 9780782141290
Издательство: Sybex
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 336
Over the past few years, 3D animation has become increasingly sophisticated. Done right, facial animation can now breathe life into inanimate 3D objects. As a result, industry and consumer demand for believable facial modeling and animation has grown dramatically. Stop Staring is the first book to focus on this tricky yet satisfying art. Here, author and professional animator Jason Osipa shares what he's learned through several years of firsthand professional experience, offering a practical, heavilyillustrated guide to one of the most challenging aspects of 3D animation. In the course of the book, Osipa takes models in a variety of styles all the way from design and modeling to proper rigging and animation. His humorous, engaging approach combined with the book's professional-quality examples and depth of discussion make Stop Staring accessible to a wide audience while still invaluable to even advanced animators. We're proud to announce that this book is an...