Обложка книги Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

Издательство: Kirkwood Associates
Страниц: 200

Database Consistency Checking is the first in a series of System Administration books on ASE System 12. The principal focus of the material is the new dbcc commands and the System 12 record layouts and storage structures. Major features are: - Installation and configuration of dbccdb; - Reporting from dbccdb; - Execution of checkstorage and analysis of the statistics generated; - Description of ASE storage structures and record layouts; - Troubleshooting reported consistency problems; - Structured approach to analysing and fixing consistency problems; - Unsupported dbcc commands. The Expert Series on ASE System 12 produces timely expert level information on System 12 via a series of books each concentrating on specific system administration aspects. Keeping pace with the fast changing content of ASE, each book in the series will provide an up-to-date comprehensive treatment of ASE system administration to allow all levels...