Обложка книги Challenge And Consequence: Forcing Change To eCommerce

Challenge And Consequence: Forcing Change To eCommerce

ISBN: 158736414X;
Издательство: Fenestra Books

Book DescriptionChallenge Each generation has its challenges and responsibilities. Some born during the period from 1915 to 1950 were challenged to invent electronic commerce and tasked to implement a major component of it. The component is called "electronic data interchange," or EDI. In the evolution of this new technology, something wonderful has happened. For the quarter century following 1975, a worldwide cooperative effort has resulted in a global reach for communications and commerce never before thought possible. People worked at this in a spirit of service to company, industry, country, world, and each other. Their work significantly contributed to the outstanding improvement in economies that was experienced during the 1990s, andwill continue to be effective for many years to come, even considering a cyclic economic setback like that beginning in year 2001. By the year 2000, this phenomenon was called "electronic commerce" or "eCommerce," terms not known...