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C. S. Manifold

Knowing Me, Knowing You: A Biography of You and Your Loved Ones

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ISBN: 0974836702
Издательство: To The Point Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 134
Book DescriptionKnowing Me, Knowing You "A Biography of You and Your Loved Ones" is the question and answer book that promotes meaningful discussion between family and friends while creating memories and becoming a keepsake for life. Containing space for six VSP?s (Very Special Person) to write their answers to each question and thus create a "biography," the book can also be used to stimulate conversation with an endless number of VSP?s! The thought-provoking and revealing questions arebroken down into themes, including events of your life, dreams and desires, memories, favorites, beliefs, and political viewpoints. Learn about your grandparents? favorite childhood activities, your best friend?s favorite travel destinations, your parents? wedding day, and the best advice your sister ever received. The book becomes a cherished memory of the time you spent learning about your loved ones. Years from now you will still enjoy reminiscing about the...
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