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Lazarillo de Tormes : A Kaplan Spanish-Language Vocabulary-Building Novel

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ISBN: 0743262840
Издательство: Kaplan
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 192
Book Description Considered the first of the picaresque novels, Lazarillo de Tormes follows the adventures of a young rogue (picaro) who struggles with the social and religious hypocrisy of 16th century Spain -- and with his own survival. A classic work of Spanish literature presented in a unique format: ·Full Spanish text of the novel on the right-hand pages ·More than 700 challenging Spanish vocabulary words highlighted throughout the text ·Definitions in English for each highlighted word on the left-hand pages Lazarillo de Tormes: A Kaplan Spanish-Language Vocabulary-Building Novel is ideal for individuals who are trying to build their Spanish vocabulary, and for students preparing for SAT II and AP Spanish exams -- as well as for readers who want extra help reading this classic story.
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