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Ian Graham

Model Maker Warships and Submarines : Discover the Exciting World of Military Ships and Build Five Incredible Models (Model Maker)

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ISBN: 1592232191
Издательство: Silver Dolphin Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 48
Book DescriptionFrom ancient biremes to gigantic aircraft carriers, from mighty steamers to futuristic submarines, Model Maker Warships and Submarines is filled with the wonders of seafaring vessels past and present. Learn about these amazing machines and also discover the secrets of the ships of the future. This book includes five full-color press-out models to build and over 70 decals to decorate the models. The text is well written and provides detailed historical information and facts. Each spread isalso highlighted by illustrations, photographs, and dynamic graphics. Kids will learn the difference between galleons, ironclad ships vs. dreadnoughts, and destroyers and aircraft carriers. This 48-page book discusses the importance of ships and submarines used in battles and wars from 700 B.C. to the present, in addition to the engineering developments from decade to decade. From the Greeks and Romans to the English and Spanish, kids will receive a complete education on this topic and...