Обложка книги Wan2tlk? Ltl Bk of Txt Msgs

Wan2tlk? Ltl Bk of Txt Msgs

ISBN: 0-312-28669-4;
Издательство: Michael O`Mara Books Limited
Страниц: 128

What is this new language heating up your cell phone, pager, and e-mail? When you're IMing, are you stumped by the emoticons swarming in? Are messages becoming more cryptic and symbols more unrecognizable? If you're feeling at a loss, or even think you're in the know, you are in need of this pithy pocket guide to the hottest communication going. Text-messaging - the only way to go - for this year's fast, smooth talkers. Make your wishes known, your plans, your dates, in coded communication that's the wave of the future. Don't get left out of the text-message revolution.