Обложка книги Vision's Immanence : Faulkner, Film, and the Popular Imagination

Vision's Immanence : Faulkner, Film, and the Popular Imagination

ISBN: 0801879299; 9780801879296;
Издательство: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Страниц: 256

Book Description William Faulkner occupied a unique position as a modern writer. Although famous for his modernist novels and their notorious difficulty, he also wrote extensively for the "culture industry," and the works he produced for it -- including short stories, adaptations, and screenplays -- bore many of the hallmarks of consumer art. His experiences as a Hollywood screenwriter influenced him in a number of ways, many of them negative, while the films turned out by the "dream factories" in which he labored sporadically inspired both his interest and his contempt. Faulkner also disparaged the popular magazines -- though he frequently sold short stories to them. To what extent was Faulkner's deeply ambivalent relationship to -- and involvement with -- American popular culture reflected in his modernist or "art" fiction? Peter Lurie finds convincing evidence that Faulkner was keenly aware of commercial culture and adapted its formulae, strategies, and in particular, its...