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Terry Hart

Speedy Spanish for Public Health Personnel

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ISBN: 1882196058
Издательство: Baja Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 24
Book DescriptionAs the United States population becomes more diverse, the need for multilingual workers in the healthcare industry grows. Speedy Spanish for Public Health Personnel is of great benefit to doctors, nurses, and medical staff with Spanish-speaking patients. This valuable - and potentially life-saving - guide is a quick and effective way to learn Spanish and includes simple and compact sections covering everything from basic phrases and small talk ("Good afternoon. Have you been here before?") to making appointments and gathering patient information ("Do you have a health insurance card?"). There are entries on taking vitals; numbers, days and months; sexually transmitted diseases and HIV screening; birth control ("Would you like a prescription for birth control pills?"); immunizations ("Has your child received any immunizations?"); tuberculosis screening and chest X-rays; mammograms; problem drinking; depression and anxiety screening; medical assessment; injections and...
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