Обложка книги Chamberlain Bros. International Film Festival

Chamberlain Bros. International Film Festival

ISBN: 1596090901;
Издательство: Chamberlain Bros.
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionThe world's most innovative new directors can't be found in Hollywood. In the medium of film, the most important years of a filmmaker's life are in the beginning, when young directors can explore and expand their artistic visionsand styles without the constraints of studio or marketplace demands. Such raw artistry, though fascinating, rarely reaches the public eye-until now. Chamberlain Bros. has gathered works from the premier film programs around the country and world from some of the hottest young directors, all of which are featured in this DVD collection. The accompanying book tells the story of each film's director through commentary and in-depth interviews, exploring individual approaches, and offering survival tips for the movie set and the classroom. Introduced by legendary independent filmmaker Roger Corman, here's a glimpse into the future of the moving image, a film festival no true cinemaphile can afford to miss.

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