Обложка книги Bob Hope: My Life in Jokes

Bob Hope: My Life in Jokes

ISBN: 1594130175;
Издательство: Large Print Press
Страниц: 204

Book Descriptiono comedians, 'material'-their jokes-has always been precious, worthy of protecting and preserving. On stage, a good vaudeville routine could last years as it was performed on tour across the country. On radio, a year's vaudeville materialmight be fodder for one week's broadcast. Bob Hope used new material not only for his weekly radio series, but also for the several live charity appearances he made each week. Organized by the stages of his life, accompanied by black-and-white photographs, this book gives readers a chance to enjoy the very best of Hope's jokes, from his early years in vaudeville, his top-rated radio show in the '30s and '40s, his legendary television appearances, and much more.