Обложка книги It's A Wonderful Life: A Memory Book

It's A Wonderful Life: A Memory Book

ISBN: 1581824343;
Издательство: Cumberland House Publishing
Страниц: 168

Book DescriptionFew motion pictures have enjoyed a renaissance like the 1946 Frank Capra masterpiece IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Nominated for five Academy Awards, it was dismissed as syrupy Christmas fare and fell into obscurity until television gave it new life. Today it is an American tradition. With IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A MEMORY BOOK, any fan of the classic film can further appreciate its magic and legacy. The warm reminiscences of the film's cast are supported by excellent photographs, providing the perfect companion for any fan of the film?or anyone who believes in miracles and angels. The book features dozens of interviews and rare behind-the-scenes photographs that allow readers to see how the movie was created. Comments from Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, Bobbie Anderson, Jimmy Hawkins, Karen Grimes, and many more make the story behind the movie come alive. More than a dozen brief biographies of the prominent cast members detail how IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE affected...