Обложка книги Jeff Chandler: Film, Record, Radio, and Television Performances

Jeff Chandler: Film, Record, Radio, and Television Performances

ISBN: 0786420014;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 232

Book DescriptionRuggedly handsome Jeff Chandler won over fans with his versatile acting in film, television, radio, and theatre. He was particularly respected for his roles in Westerns. Chandler got an Oscar nomination in 1950 for Broken Arrow , was involved in the production of 27 box-office champions, and worked with such stars as Orson Welles, Susan Hayward, and James Stewart. First, a biography covers Chandler?s life: his birth in 1918; WWII service; the start of his radio career in1946; his first film role soon after; and his success as a recording artist, song-writer, and owner of "Chandler Music;" his death in 1961 and the subsequent malpractice suit filed by his family. The work then covers his 54 films from The Invisible Wall (1947) to Merrill?s Marauders (1962). Each chronologically arranged entry provides the studio name, month and year of release, the ad line, alternate titles, running times, format, genre, ratings, cast and crew...