Обложка книги The Leading Men of MGM

The Leading Men of MGM

ISBN: 0786714751;
Издательство: Carroll & Graf
Страниц: 320

Book DescriptionGable, Tracy, Stewart, Ol' Blue Eyes, the King. They were Hollywood gods; men wanted to be them, women just plain wanted them. As celluloid royalty and soldiers in Louis B. Mayer's box office army, the men of The Leading Men of MGM captured the hearts and imaginations of the movie-going public during a thirty-year stretch encompassing three wars and the ultimate downfall of a studio empire. And while their roles onscreen are some of cinema's most memorable, they often pale in comparison to the lives these men lived behind the scenes. The Leading Men of MGM exposes these legendary figures in all of their salacious glory-from Clark Gable's clandestine homosexual encounters in bistro bathrooms to Elvis's pill-popping and Sinatra and Lawford's icy post-Kennedy jousts. Also profiling such stars as Ramon Novarro, Billy Haines, and Van Johnson, the collection offers complete filmographies, photographs, and insightful looks at the nature of stardom during an era when the...