Обложка книги Warren Beatty : A Private Man

Warren Beatty : A Private Man

ISBN: 1400046068;
Издательство: Harmony
Страниц: 608

Amazon.com Amazon.com Exclusive: Joe Laitin and Warren Beatty Excerpted Interview Excerpt and photographs courtesy of the author, Suzanne Finstad, by permission of Peter Laitin. Beatty withJoe Laitin JL: There apparently aren't that many people who really know you anyway. I don't know whether you deliberately keep people at arm's length. I suppose you do... WB: I am finding more and more that it's really very hard to please a lot of people. And I would say it's impossible. And so I have been allowing that need to try to please a lot of people to slip away from me in the past couple of years. So that I realize now that...

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