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USB Hardware & Software

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ISBN: 0-929392-37-X;
Издательство: Annabooks/Rtc Books
Страниц: 568

This book describes the hardware, software, device, bus, and host controller details of the Universal Serial Bus version 1.0. Our desire has been to expand on the technical information presented in the official specification. We expect that you have a copy of the official specification, which should be considered the final word on correct and required bus, device, and host controller behavior. The focus of this book is to address the needs of developers creating USB device hardware/firmware and device driver software. We feel that there would be many more USB devices created in the coming years, while relatively few host controller implementations and probably few operating system bus driver software implementations will be developed. Therefore, we want to provide more information to make the job of developing devices easier. The book is organized to present Universal Serial Bus from a number of complementary perspectives. Early chapters provide critical information in...