Обложка книги George Lucas (Virgin Film)

George Lucas (Virgin Film)

ISBN: 0753507552;
Издательство: Virgin Publishing
Страниц: 296

Book DescriptionStarting with his time as a film student, this is a critical journey through the films Lucas has directed and actively produced. It encompasses his abstract early works such as 'Look at Life' and '6.18.67', the mainstream successes of 'American Graffiti', 'Star Wars', and 'Indiana Jones' and the record-breaking 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy. There is also an extensive section detailing other projects in which he has had a hand, such as Paul Schraeder's 'Mishima', Haskell Wexler's controversial 'Latino' and Francis Ford Coppola's 'Tucker: The Man and His Dream'. This is an indispensable reference to the work of George Lucas - the mogul, the mythmaker, the one-man brand and the most successful independent filmmaker who has every lived.

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