Обложка книги Ridley Scott (Virgin Film)

Ridley Scott (Virgin Film)

ISBN: 0753507315;
Издательство: Virgin Books
Страниц: 304

Currently experiencing something of a renaissance, with Gladiator, Hannibal and Black Hawk Down, Ridley ScottA’s career has reclaimed the prominence it had in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and there are rumours of him returning to his roots with a fifth Alien movie in the near future. Working within some of the classic genres of cinema (horror, epic, war movie, adventure, science fiction, road movie), Scott is a vivid and powerful film director whose work exemplifies intelligent mainstream cinema. He is equally at home on the desert highways of Thelma & Louise as he is on the high seas of White Squall, the future world of Blade Runner and the spaceships of Alien. Known for his whizz bang visuals and his background in commercials, he has proved himself at fusing powerful images with rich drama and metaphor. He has worked with many of contemporary cinemaA’s most accomplished stars (Sigourney Weaver, Tom Cruise, Susan Sarandon, Russell Crowe, Ewan McGregor and Anthony...

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