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A Condensed Course in Motion Picture Photography

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ISBN: 1590161394
Издательство: Lost Arts Media
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 484
Book DescriptionWhen it comes to great endeavors that promise wealth and prosperity, many men and women of the past have more often than not taken a gamble. Be it an oil boom, gold rush or the heyday of the industrial age, those who had the courage to pioneer a new way of doing things often prospered ? and the early days of motion pictures was no different. It was a time when the earliest of Hollywood film studios had only recently been established. In fact, most of Hollywood was nothing more than horse pasture and orange groves. The film companies on the East Coast, particularly in New York and Chicago, dominated nearly all of the silent era and much of the early "Talkies" industry throughout the 1920s. The New York Institute of Photography wasthe leading school for fledgling cinematographers. It was these adventurous filmmakers who wanted to present the wonders of the motion picture to audiences worldwide. We owe them all a great deal of gratitude, for without the influence...
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