Обложка книги Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars

Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars

ISBN: 0789311933;
Издательство: Universe
Страниц: 256

Book Description Get ready for some of the best movie medicine ever made. The smash hit women's film guide Cinematherapy taught women that comfort, self-acceptance, inspiration, and humor were no farther away than the video store - and inspired the daily primetime show on the WE Network (Women's Entertainment). Now the authors are back with a Cinematherapy take on the Oscar canon and how these award-winning films serve not only as a celluloid pharmacy but also as a window into ourselves, our relationships, and our times. Starting with the present and working backward by decade, Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars uncovers the grand themes of each decade's award-winning films, from the Father Issue films of the seventies, with their ambiguous father figures (Patton, Kramer vs. Kramer) to bad girls acting out for disapproving fathers' love (Klute, Cabaret), to the Unsung Hero films of the fifties (On the Waterfront, The African Queen). Along the way there is great dish on who...