Обложка книги Plug In Turn On : A Guide to Internet Filmmaking

Plug In Turn On : A Guide to Internet Filmmaking

ISBN: 0714531022;
Издательство: Marion Boyars Publishers, Ltd.
Страниц: 300

Book Description A step-by-step instruction manual for aspiring Internet filmmakers of all levels of experience that is both informative and irreverent. Authors Ana Kronschnabl and Tomas Rawlings run an Internet site called www.plugincinema.com dedicated to showing, discussing and teaching about films made for the Internet. This book is intended for anyone with an interest in using the Internet as a showcase for their own films, regardless of their level of skill. In two sections, "Thinking (A CulturalGuide") and "Doing (A Practical Guide)," the authors show how to tackle filmmaking in an accessible style that is jargon free and easy to understand, as well as encourage new filmmakers to break the cinematic conventions so far dictated by the industry.