Обложка книги Creative Titling with Final Cut Pro

Creative Titling with Final Cut Pro


ISBN: 1578202256;
Издательство: CMP Books

Final Cut Pro has revolutionized the world of desktop video editing. Now it's set to do the same for title sequences. Every great filmmaker knows that good titles set the tone and stamp an identity, and with Final Cut Pro and the bundled LiveType application, Apple has given you the tools to produce them. This book will teach you how to create professional looking openers, spectacular credits, and eye-grabbing captions. Packed with advice, tips, and practical projects, Creative Titling with Final Cut Prois a one-stop guide to making titles with serious impact. Since its first release, Final Cut Pro has been the most powerful video-editing package on the Mac. Only now, however, does it have the titling tools to match. In Creative Titling with Final Cut Pro, Diannah Morgan teaches you how to use these tools to produce title sequences that add class to a corporate video or give movies a Hollywood sheen. The introduction runs through the basic theory of titling, covering the...

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