Обложка книги Make-Up and Costume for Television (Media Manuals) (Media Manuals)

Make-Up and Costume for Television (Media Manuals) (Media Manuals)

ISBN: 0240516605; 9780240516608;
Издательство: Focal Press
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionAn introductory guide for students learning professional make-up, hairdressing and wardrobe skills and `front of camera' professionals needing an understanding of the techniques. Written by an experienced professional, this manualoffers a step-by step approach for the complete beginner with diagrams to show procedures for a variety of make-up effects, from corrective and character make-up, to period dramas, special effects and prosthetics. It describes the skills required of the job, introduces special make-up products and how to apply them for different effect and sets the context for the make-up artist's role, by considering technical requirements such as lighting, camerawork and chroma-key backgrounds. Learn how to get professional looking results for a variety of situations and effects Fully illustrated with diagrams to show you step-by-step techniques Understand the role and necessary skills of the make-up artist within a wider...