Обложка книги The Films of Terrence Malick

The Films of Terrence Malick

ISBN: 027597247X;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Страниц: 184

Book DescriptionDespite overwhelming acclaim for his work, director Terrence Malick remains an under-examined figure of an era of filmmaking that also produced such notables as Robert Altman, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese. His films Badlands and Days of Heaven remain benchmarks of American cinema, while his recent The Thin Red Line returned him to the pantheon of American directors. In this new study, the authors examine each of his films in detail, drawing on extensive archival research to construct a portrait of his working methods as a director as well as the thematic, aesthetic, and cultural components of his work. This book provides a comprehensive and penetrating study as well as an informative and adventurous work of film criticism.