Обложка книги Narrated Films : Storytelling Situations in Cinema History

Narrated Films : Storytelling Situations in Cinema History

ISBN: 0801878659;
Издательство: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Страниц: 264

Book Description In Narrated Films , Avrom Fleishman explores the distinctive literary techniques often used by filmmakers to tell their stories. Through close viewings of ingeniously paired films, Fleishman documents five narrational practices in the cinema: voice-over ( Orpheus and Sunset Boulevard ); dramatized narration, in which the film is a story that one character tells another ( The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Hiroshima Mon Amour ); multiple narration, in which a number of characters tell the story that is the film ( Rashomon and Zelig ); written narration, whether through diaries or letters ( Letter from an Unknown Woman and Diary of a Country Priest ); and the cinematic version of interior monologue, which Fleishman terms mindscreen narration ( Brief Encounter and Daybreak ).

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