Обложка книги The River Of Angry Dogs : A Memoir

The River Of Angry Dogs : A Memoir

ISBN: 0745322336;
Издательство: Pluto Press
Страниц: 320

Book Description"An extraordinary book, an extraordinary, frightening life. To be Polish without nation, Jewish without family, hunted down in a land at war - and to be a genius in the making - well, it's not the normal teenager's life. Mira Hamermesh sees past and present with a film-maker's flawless eye, in this shattering written memorial to those she loved and lost." -- Fay Weldon, Introduction Mira Hamermesh is an award-winning filmmaker, painter and writer. This moving memoir gives a vividaccount of her remarkable life. As a young Jewish teenager she escaped the horrors of German-occupied Poland with only her natural creativity, a rebellious spirit and a talent for good fortune to rely on. Of the millions of words written about WWII, few come from women, and even fewer recount such adventure. Spared the experience of the ghetto and the concentration camp that claimed most of her family, Mira's story is life-affirming account of a life lived to the full, and a meditation...