Обложка книги Fruit Chan's Durian Durian (The New Hong Kong Cinema Series)

Fruit Chan's Durian Durian (The New Hong Kong Cinema Series)

ISBN: 962209743X;
Издательство: Hong Kong University Press
Страниц: 112

Book DescriptionThis book examines how Fruit Chan?s film "Durian Durian" sensitively portrays the unsettling seismic shifts affecting the inhabitants of both China and Hong Kong in a post-1997 context. The study covers different aspects of "Durian Durian": its relation to the Hong Kong independent film sector and traditions of Hong Kong social realism; its representations of mainland Chinese women; and its representations of crossborder relations and issues of post-1997 identity for both inhabitantsof Hong Kong and China. Gan argues that "Durian Durian" is an attempt to re-think Hong Kong and China as a single entity, a single imagined community in a post-1997 era. The film is an exploration of "one country, two systems" not just in political but in spatial and affective terms. This is one of the first studies of Fruit Chan?s work and presents him as one of Hong Kong?s key filmmakers, worthy of serious critical study. "Durian Durian" is one of Chan?s...