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Michael Miller

How Home Theater and HDTV Work (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))

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ISBN: 0789734451
Издательство: Que
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 272
Book Description Home theater and HDTV are hot, but most consumers know little or nothing about these technologies. You no longer have to rely on sales people to direct you to underpowered and overpriced equipment that doesn't meet your needs and is quickly outdated. Take matters into your own hands with How HDTV and Home Theater Works . Armed with this book, you will not only understand what you want, but why you want it and how to hook it all up. This book covers topics and most likely interestand confuse you, including: Broadcast vs. cable vs. satellite television Standard defintion vs. high definition TV Surround sound DVD and TiVo recorders With all of this great information, presented to you in a highly-visual, four-color format, How HDTV and Home Theater Work is the only home theater book that you'll need to not only show you how to hook up your system, but how to maximize its performance.