Обложка книги Scorsese: A Journey Through the American Psyche

Scorsese: A Journey Through the American Psyche

ISBN: 0859653552;
Издательство: Plexus Publishing
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionFrom the violence-drenched streets of Taxi Driver, to King of Comedy's crazed celebrity stalker, to the urban warfare of Casino and Gangs of New York, Martin Scorsese's films are definitive works that reveal the dark heart of American culture. This new anthology compiles the best interviews, reviews, and articles pertaining to a man rightfully hailed as one of the most talented and respected directors in the history of film. Rising to prominence in the cinematic golden age of the 1970s, Scorsese led a group of young iconoclastic directors who took filmmaking to new artistic heights while advancing it as a powerful form of social commentary. This carefully chosen collection, the fifth title in the Ultrascreen series, examines Scorsese's personal history and passions, and how they have informed and inspired his filmmaking. Spanning several decades, this anthology charts the evolution of modern cinema through the work of one of its masters.

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