Обложка книги The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia

The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia

ISBN: 0786424524;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 384

Book DescriptionThe first film featuring Charlie Chan, The House Without a Key , appeared in 1925. Forty-seven films and six Charlies later, the series still delights audiences. Charlie Chan connoisseurs cite a variety of reasons for the honorable detective?s longevity and appeal, ranging from his wit and personality to the films? fascinating casts that often included future celebrities. This encyclopedia contains over 1,900 entries for characters, actors, crew members, plot devices, and facts, as well as film summaries and Charlie?s famous aphorisms. Photographs accompany the text and the entries are arranged alphabetically for easy reference and access. Practically anything a fan of these films might want to know is thoroughly analyzed here.

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